Autoscribe Informatics Moves into LakeVille Corporate Park

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CANPRO Investments Ltd., is pleased to announce that Autoscribe Informatics, a fast-growing provider of industry leading configurable future-proof database management applications, recently moved into Lakeville Corporate Park, located at 10 Riverside Drive in Lakeville, MA.

The Lakeville office now serves as the US Headquarters of Autoscribe Informatics with sales, administration, technical services and support functions all within the one office. Kristine Joyce, Operations Manager for Autoscribe Informatics explains: “Our office in Falmouth, MA was creaking at the seams. Lakeville is perfectly positioned for our staff between Cape Cod, Providence and Boston, and provides the ideal space for us to expand into. A big thank you to the folks from CANPRO (especially Jeanne, Jim and Fred) who have been great in getting us settled. We were up and running very quickly and already feel very at home here.”

CANPRO Lakeville Corporate Park is situated on a beautifully maintained campus and prides itself on being home to several high-profile companies and government agencies that are long-standing tenants – a testament to CANPRO’s dedication to meeting tenant’s needs and providing first-rate service. Lakeville is an ideal location for corporations, medical offices, financial institutions or other businesses.

About Autoscribe Informatics

Autoscribe Informatics provides solutions such as Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Quality Management Systems that are configured to match user requirements and can easily adapt as needs evolve.

Uniquely, Autoscribe Informatics systems are configured using graphical configuration tools, rather than modifying the software itself. No custom coding is required. This means that users can quickly modify workflows and screens themselves, as needs evolve, ensuring the overall solution remains relevant to their requirements even after many years use. Autoscribe Informatics also has offices in the UK and distributors around the world.

For more information, visit: Autoscribeinformatics